Put your property on a no-salt diet

Put your property on a no-salt diet

Watch your salt! We’ve been hearing that advice forever, but it goes for your emotional state-of-mind too when the snow and ice take over.

As much fun as it is slogging around 50-pound bags of the stuff, and scooping and spreading it out like Johnny Frozenseed, ice melt salt isn’t reusable and it gets expensive fast.

And, oh yeah, it’s killing your sidewalk and driveway. It’s not part of the rock salt company sales pitch, but the same properties that burn through ice and snow can erode and chip away at your concrete. If your concrete is less than a year old it hasn’t even fully hardened yet. The same goes for wooded decks or pathways made mostly of wood byproduct, the ice melt salt can harm the integrity of the natural grain.

Try this all-natural way to break up ice on your sidewalks and driveway instead, and shake the salt habit forever!

  1. Fill a bucket or pail with hot water
  2. Add some dish soap
  3. Add a cup or more of rubbing alcohol
  4. Swirl the contents around to mix
  5. Pour over frozen surfaces
  6. Watch the bubbling, all-natural, feel-good melt show

The mixture is also safe for your car windows. Put some in a spray bottle and have at them.

Wild Goose cares about your whole property, not just your lawn and natural greenscape. This is where you live, where we live, and we want to keep it beautiful.

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