Go Green or Go Home

Having a green thumb is nice, but green biceps are where it’s at, Jack. The benefits of working out outside are well documented. Nature nurtures us. “Green exercise” exposes us to sunlight and releases more serotonin. Our minds do calesthetics adjusting to the changing natural environment, the weather, conquering the terrain as well as our own self doubts. Above and beyond, working out outside is just more fun.

The best part is you don’t have to locate the Appalachian Trail to get all the benefits, just walk out your patio door and go beyond the grill and picnic table. You see all that lush green expanse? Your lawn is like an oxygen factory.

Did you know that grass produces oxygen at a far greater clip than the same area dotted with sky scraping trees? Consider, one acre of trees producing enough oxygen for ten people would produce enough for 80 people if they were all leveled in favor of some righteous Kentucky Bluegrass or Tall Fescue.

So breath deep, hardbodies. The next time you’re winded from running through your neighborhood cul-de-sacs, step out onto your lawn and fill your lungs full of the good stuff. Better yet, save the $200 on New Balance sneakers and ditch footwear altogether for your next workout on the lawn.

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